The YMCA of Timmins Camps provides children, teens and young adults with the opportunity to connect and engage with nature and each other in ways that build confidence, improve social skills, and foster independence and leadership – all while having fun. In addition to customized programming, all the YMCA of Timmins Camps share a focus on healthy, active living. For many Canadians, time spent at the YMCA of Timmins Camp is a treasured childhood memory, an experience that had a positive and lasting impact on their lives. We excel at providing young people with the opportunities to have fun and develop lifelong skills while realizing the best in themselves and others. As Canada’s largest Camp provider, we work with parents and community partners locally and notionally to offer outstanding life development experiences for more then 125,000 children each year. The YMCA of Timmins offers March Break, Summer & Christmas Camp.

March Break Camp

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Summer Camp Early Bird Registration

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Values Beads Tracker

“It’s all about the beads…”

At YMCA Day Camp, value beads play an important role as a sign of character and personal achievement. As an important form of recognition, beads at camp promote positive behavior, and are worn as a constant reminder of what we value as a camp community.  Throughout the week, beads are awarded to individuals for demonstrating YMCA core values and achieving success in specific programs areas:

Value BeadsValue Beads are awarded for demonstrating and adopting the six YMCA core values:
Caring (Red): Acting with compassion and concern for the well-being of others.
Health (Pink): Being committed to physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development.
Honesty (Blue): Demonstrating integrity and trustworthiness.
Inclusiveness (Purple): Appreciating diversity.  Striving to be open to all. Seeking to understand differences and find common ground.
Respect (Yellow): Recognizing and protecting the inherent worth of every person, including oneself.
Responsibility (Green): Being dependable and accountable for choices, actions and commitments.

Earning Beads At the beginning of the week, as part of opening circle on the first day, each campers will receive a necklace or bracelet with a white bead representing friendship.  Throughout the week, camper will be presented with opportunities to earn beads.  This can be achieved through participation in each program area and by demonstrating each of the six core values.  Beads are awarded at the end of the everyday as part of closing circle. click here to download a Bead Tracking Chart.